• 30 Minute Session $60

  • 60 Minute Session $100

  • 75 Minute Session $120

  • 90 Minute Session $140


Therapeutic Massage

Rejuvenates and restores while increasing circulation throughout the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

A specific treatment that focuses on deeper structures using varying amounts of pressure. This can be great for restructuring the body, improving posture and finding relief from chronic tension.

Pre and Peri-natal Massage

Christina, Rachael, and Alison are certified in pre and peri-natal massage and studied with Carole Osborne, the leading educator in the field. Ariella also has prenatal training from her massage program.

Pre and Perinatal sessions are focused on common areas of discomfort that arise during and after pregnancy. These treatments are extremely effective at reducing pain while increasing postural awareness.

Sports Massage

Massage designed for athletes or for those who need to perform at peak levels. This modality includes muscle specific techniques paired with assisted stretching and prepares the body both pre and post event.


Reiki is an energy based healing modality. A quietly relaxing and healing experience that is suitable for anyone to receive regardless of health history, age or illness.

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